Welcome to COBS Behaviour Support Team 

The COBS Behaviour Support Team supports primary and secondary schools in Birmingham with behaviour management strategies and advice. Our aim is to reduce exclusions from school and ensure the right support is in place for pupils, parents and school staff. We currently work in over 100 schools across the city. All members of the team are experienced behaviour support teachers with a track record of re-engaging excluded and at risk learners. We offer advice and support at all levels, from school systems and policy review to direct intervention work with young people themselves.  We support the assessment of pupils for SEN Support Plans, Education, Health and Care Plans, carry out whole school behaviour reviews and offer training around all aspects of complex and challenging behaviour. 

What does a referral to COBS Behaviour Support Team mean?

Schools that buy into COBS Behaviour Support are serious about promoting positive behaviour. A referral to COBS Behaviour Support means the school would like us to offer some additional support to a child to make sure they stay on track and fulfil their potential in school. A member of the team will usually observe a pupil in class and share their findings with the teacher. They may be asked to carry out some 1:1 or small group work to discuss the impact behaviour is having on learning and look at ways to move forward. These sessions help us to understand why certain behaviours are occurring and how we can bring about positive change. Members of the team are always happy to speak to parents and carers about the work they do in schools and share strategies for positive behaviour management. Before working with a pupil we always ensure that schools gain the permission of parents. A copy of the Parental Consent form can be found below.

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