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Address: 50 Firsby Road, Quinton, Birmingham.  B32 2QT
Contact Telephone: 0121 464 6230

Travel Bus Routes: 24 from City Campus to The Ridgeway, Quinborne Community Centre, walk down Overdale Road to Firsby Road.

Bus number 19 from the QE Hospital, Harbourne High Street, War Lane, to Firsby Road.

Bus number X22, X23, 29 from/to City, via Harbourne High Street pick up the Bus number 24 (Harbourne Lesiure Centre).

Welcome to Firsbrook at City of Birmingham School. We are based in Quinton and work closely with other schools throughout Birmingham. We offer a safe and engaging secondary school environment for our young people to thrive and achieve. We believe that children have the right to the best education in a nurturing and motivational environment.

At Firsbrook we cater for pupils in KS4. Our staff team has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and skills and all our pupils follow a full National Curriculum. Our pupils study the following subjects:

GCSE English
GCSE English Literature
GCSE Mathematics
GCSE Science (double award)
GCSE Religious Education (short course)

In addition to this our pupils take part in core Physical Education and PSHE lessons.

Pupils can also choose two out of the following five options:

GCSE Art & Design

We follow the GCSE OCR exam board specifications which involves completing one portfolio of coursework, starting in year 10 and an exam, externally set, portfolio from January in Year 11. These sketchbooks will be graded 1 to 9 The final practical exam, where you will have the choice of one of five starting points e.g. ‘Confectionary, will run over two days, in your child’s art room with the guidance of their art teacher. 

Coursework and the externally set exam, has a 60/40 weighting. All your work will be marked on the following four OCR Assessment Objectives (AOs); 

AO1 - DEVELOP - Recording and developing Ideas, investigation and observations of sources  

AO2 - REFINE – Exploring, developing, selecting and refining ideas by experimenting with appropriate media, materials, techniques and processes 

AO3 - RECORD – Record idea, observations, analysing and evaluating imagery linked to intensions as work progresses 

AO4 - PRESENT – Present a personal and meaningful response that realises intentions and demonstrates understanding of visual language, 2D or 3D. 

Creative progress on their 'creative journey' will be regularly shared with students on a personal assessment sheet in their sketchbooks on which they can track their progress and respond to feedback. 

This specification builds knowledge, skills and understanding for art, craft and design. It is designed to encourage learners to develop practical skill alongside creativity and imagination. Learners develop their responses to a range of visual and written stimuli.  

A wide range of art skills and techniques, in a variety of mediums, will provide opportunities for pupils to experiment and take risks with their work, whilst developing their own personal style and focussing on their interests. 

Each year group will be given the opportunity to attend at least one trip linked with one of their projects in order to enhance their research opportunities and to gather responses linked to their project, with a focus on direct observation, including photography. 

A GCSE qualification in Art and Design will allow students to go on and study an art-based course at Post 16 and will also help enhance research skills, time management skills, analytical skills, independent and creative thinking skills – all of which are very useful whatever courses or careers students choose. 

Careers in Art and Design include; game designer, fine artist, illustrator, fashion designer, theatre design, interior architecture, architecture, furniture design, product design, photographer, teacher, graphic designer and animator, to name a few. 

COBS's Virtual Art Gallery was launched in July 2021 It is updated twice a year with current artwork from the whole School (KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4). To take the virtual tour, click here: 

Bronze Arts Award 

At Firsbrook, pupils will have the chance of working towards a Bronze Arts Award, Ofqual Level 1, qualification in The Arts. To achieve a BAA, you will need to collect evidence in an arts logbook.
Lessons are planned to encourage progress across all abilities with a range of choices and variety of outcomes, in four different areas, A to D: 
A - Taking Part. Developing an interest in the arts by learning new skills and taking part/having a go.
B - Be the Audience. Gain knowledge and skills through actively participating in any art form experience of at least one arts evet/experience as an audience member and review it eg. watching a live performance or visiting a free art gallery/museum in Birmingham.
C - Art Inspiration. Research the career and work of an artist or craftsperson that inspires you. 
D - Arts Skill Share. Passing on a newly learnt arts skill to friends or family.

BTEC Sport 

The BTEC Level 1 Introductory in Sport is a great course. The course spans across 2 years where pupils will engage in a range of assignments that teach them the fundamentals of the health and fitness industry. BTEC courses adopt a much more learner centred approach where pupils work through a flexible unit-based structure (coursework). The flexibility of this course allows pupils to be entered at different levels; so if a pupils joins us late or only has access to some of the units, a qualification can still be secured. If pupils complete and pass all 10 assignments, they will be awarded with a ‘Level 1 Diploma in Sport’. Thank you for taking the time to read about the courses we offer and if you have any more questions about this particular course then please speak with Mr Kellyman. 

BTEC Health and Social Care 

Health and social care is one of the fastest growing sections in the UK, with demand for both health and social care employees continuously rising. Social care employees, such as care assistants and social workers work with individuals to support them to be as independent as possible in their own homes, in care homes or nursing homes. Healthcare employees, such as doctors, pharmacists, nurses, midwives, healthcare assistants and physiotherapists, work with individuals to enhance their quality of life by improving their health. It is estimated that by 2035 approximately there will be 2.1 million health and social care job vacancies. 

We currently follow Pearson BTEC Health and Social Care Level ½ and study the following units: 

Internal Assessment: Human Lifespan Development 

Internal Assessment: Health and Social Care Services and Values 

Examination Assessment: Health and Wellbeing 

GCSE History

History aims to develop independent, resilient learners who are critical and reflective thinkers. The subject extends learner’s knowledge and understanding of specific historical events, periods, societies and gives them an appreciation of social, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity through time. Learners are taught to consider questions about the past and to investigate historical issues critically. 

We currently follow the EDUQAS exam board and study the following units: 

The Elizabethan Age, 1558-1603 

Germany in Transition, 1919-1939 

The Development of the UK, 1919-1990.  

Changes in Health and Medicine in Britain, c.500 to the present day 

We also offer our pupils the opportunity to gain additional qualifications in Entry Level/ Functional English and Mathematics. This is a great option for our young people who have additional learning needs.

Our pupils are offered work-related careers advice and support for the next stages of their education. We have high expectations for all our pupils and believe in offering our pupils the best chance to achieve and succeed.

To find out what our pupils have been up to on campus,  find us on Twitter @ COBS_Firsbrook

You can also read about what Firsbrook Campus pupils have been up to recently in the latest centre newsletter below.


Monday – Friday 8.30am-2.00pm.

Our young people will be marked as on time if they arrive by 8.45.

Our register closes at 9.00 (as for the rest of City of Birmingham School).

Staff Information

Head of Campus & DSL:

Ellie Thomas

Deputy Head of Campus & Deputy DSL :

Family Support Worker : Jaurdan Kaye

Office Manager : Christine Laida

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